About us

A family history

FROM 1963

Those who are born from enthusiasm are always winning stories: it shows the history of coffee roasting Caroli, whose roots go way back in 1963, when Peter Canisius decided to embark on a new adventure dedicated to his greatest passion: coffee maker. Gave rise to the brand Coffee Parana, identifying name of the valuable variety which immediately distinguished the company. Some years later, to enhance the family origins of roasting, the brand became Coffee Caroli, a name that stands for quality and first class service, a real landmark for Martina Franca and beyond. Tradition-conscious, this Roasting is to keep pace with innovation and market requirements, as evidenced by the sale of coffee pods, easy to use, and always fresh.


Located in the heart of the city of Martina Franca, the historic point of saleCoffee Caroli welcomes coffee lovers with a heady scent, privileged gateway to a world of fine mixtures, minced roasted daily and at the time of purchase or consumption. In a warm and friendly atmosphere you can taste specialty and single origin prepared with different methods of extraction. For the sweet tooth, now of worship can be accompanied with fine chocolate. But there is another important aspect of the "coffee experience Caroli": during your tasting you can let yourself be inspired by exciting stories of coffee. From the plantations to roasting, the coffee bean is a world to be discovered, an exciting culture that roasting Coffee Caroli aims to enhance and spread.