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  • Espresso machine cleaner in a can with pouring Cap.Dismantling the remaining coffee in the BREW unit, solenoid valve and drain all water crossings ideal for maintenance of all espresso machines and accessories dispenser built into the lid of the jarAvailable:in single jar 900gr
    € 10,25
  • Electric water kettles and coffee machines descaler in comfortable premeasured envelopes.
    € 8,61
  • Cleaner Plus steam wand and Milk Frother for milk and coffee residues. Eliminates the accumulation of milk proteins even in internal parts Ideal for maintenance of automatic cappuccino machines, lance Milk Frother and milk jugs stainless steel Right dose, no waste Available: single bottle 1000 ml
    € 12,30
  • Cleans and sanitizes all tools and every surface in stainless steel, lacquered, painted, plastic, glass, mirrors, fixtures, cutting boards, cutlery, etc. Quick-easy to use-Non-foaming Does not release residues do unpleasant smells No need to rinse-Volatile-Drying Ideal for bars, restaurants, cafeterias, cafés, offices, etc. Available: spray bottle 1000 ml
    € 12,30
  • Superautomatic espresso machine cleaner 16 x 4 mm in calibrated pads. Dismantling the remaining coffee in the BREW unit, solenoid valve and all the steps of water Ideal for maintenance of all espresso machines superautomatic & manuals In formats suitable for all machines Available: 16 x 1, 100 tablets 35 g-4 mm
    € 12,30