Barigienic ' f3ibear ' 1000 ml Spray

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Cleans and sanitizes all tools and every surface in stainless steel, lacquered, painted, plastic, glass, mirrors, fixtures, cutting boards, cutlery, etc.

  • Quick-easy to use-Non-foaming
  • Does not release residues do unpleasant smells
  • No need to rinse-Volatile-Drying
  • Ideal for bars, restaurants, cafeterias, cafés, offices, etc.

Available: spray bottle 1000 ml

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Designed for professional users, Pulybar Igienic is a detergent plant ingredients ideal for cleaning the coffee grinder Doser and Bell.

Safely cleans all surfaces, such as kitchen counters, equipment, display cabinets and countertops and requires no rinsing.

Ideal for a quick cleaning of your bar is also suitable for domestic use.

To learn more, read more here la scheda di sicurezza.


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