' F3IBEAR ' COFFEE Plus powder NSF 900g

New product

Espresso machine cleaner in a can with pouring Cap.

  • Dismantling the remaining coffee in the BREW unit, solenoid valve and drain all water crossings
  • ideal for maintenance of all espresso machines and accessories
  • dispenser built into the lid of the jar

in single jar 900gr

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pulycaff, the detergent that does more good espresso

The espresso machine can be defined as the "pot" in which comes the espresso, on which, when cooked, are deposited debris of food: no one would dream of baking a scope in a pan dirty!

And no one should have to BREW an espresso from a machine in which from days accumulate fat residues, carbon deposits and incrustations: the "dirt" that coffee releases in each draw. If not removed periodically, these substances become rancid, alter the taste of the drink and prevent proper extraction and the proper functioning of the equipment, because they block the holes of the brewing head and exhaust valve.

daily pulycaff is the solution to ensure the goodness from all walks and a long healthy life of the espresso machine: removes the fatty waste, descaling action, delete old deposits of coffee and neutralizes any odor from brewing head, filters and filter holders, drain solenoid valve and all the water passages. Acts quickly: his energy develops in the early 10-15 seconds of contact with hot water and removes dirt within a few minutes.

Developed by Asachimici in 1961, pulyCAFF was the first specific product for cleaning of the espresso machine, patented and deposited in the five continents. Respectful of the health of theoperator and the environment, is based on totally and easily soluble in water and in accordance with Community regulations concerning the cleaning of equipment in contact with foods and certified by NSF International – National Sanitation Foundation – American.

The powdered product, is available in bags of 20 g (package of 10 pieces) and jars of 370, 570 and 900 gr, with the handy built-in pourer in the CAP.

How do I use

Cleaning the unit with blind filter:

  1. pour one teaspoon – 3-5 gr-pulyCAFF in the blind filter and snap the Group
  2. Start dispensing stop it after 10 seconds; repeat 5 times
  3. release the Group and dispense water repeatedly
  4. to rinse, repeat step 2. No pulyCAFF dust.

Cleaning filters and filter-holders:

  1. pour into a litre of hot water 3 TSP – 10 gr – pulyCAFF
  2. soak for 15 minutes in the solution the filters and filter-holders
  3. rinse with plenty of running water.

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