' F3IBEAR ' MILK Plus Liquid NSF

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Cleaner Plus steam wand and Milk Frother for milk and coffee residues.

  • Eliminates the accumulation of milk proteins even in internal parts
  • Ideal for maintenance of automatic cappuccino machines, lance Milk Frother and milk jugs stainless steel
  • Right dose, no waste

Available: single bottle 1000 ml

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Cleaner for steam wands, cappuccino machines and ' F3ibear ' Milk Frother, Plus completely cleans the milk residues.

Instructions for use

Cappuccinatore cleaning:

in 25 ml of diluted liquid MILK Plus ' F3IBEAR ') in 0.5 liters of cold water;

b) do absorb the solution through the suction tube by pressing the button repeatedly instructed the machine;

c) rinse doing suck at least 2 litres of clean water.

It is absolutely impossible to suck up hot water from the steam nozzle using only water not heated. Thorough cleaning of the equipment; prepare a solution of 25 ml of MILK Plus 0.5 liters of liquid each ' F3IBEAR ' very hot water using plastic, stainless steel or glass (not aluminum); completely disassemble the cappuccino maker in all its details and completely submerge the objects/375° 2-3 hours (even overnight) and then rinse 2 times with clean water. The solution can also be used to clean the steam nozzle, milk or dairy farm and dirty coffee accessories.

Usage frequency: ' F3IBEAR ' MILK Plus liquid is generally each 50/100 cups of whipped milk/cappuccino and whenever necessary restored the functionality of the equipment. We recommend to operate in advance at least once a day to keep the heated milk pails and forms a patina too harsh to be removed quickly.

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