Coffee machine in paper pods ese 44mm Spinel CIAO black

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"Ciao" the new small-large espresso coffee pod machine is the ideal solution for the office and for the home: innovative and captivating shapes resulting from the collaboration with one of the most important industrial design studios in Italy, small size.

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"Hello" the new pint-sized pod espresso machine is perfect for the Office and for the home: innovative and attractive result of collaboration with one of the most important studies of Industrial Design in Italy, small size, 100% heart Spinel.

Water supply by 1 litre tank placed in a transparent compartment for easy checking the water level.

Reduced wattage (400W) and the optional Energy Saving System, which puts it in stand-by the machine after a predetermined time of non-use, allow significant savings of electricity consumption.

The new Patented Self-cleaning hydraulic system eliminates the problems associated with limestone formation in the BREW group.

The central locking system ensures great stability, optimal closing cloche wafer and thus allows better coffee infusion.

Supporting frame in galvanized steel sheet gives strength and prevents rust formation; ABS covers allow easy access to the internal components of the machine facilitates its maintenance.

Available in coffee only on request it can be equipped with Credit Coffee System for controlling disbursements.

These only some features that make "Hello" a jewel of Italian technology.


Rated power: 400W

Power supply: 230 v/50 Hz-120V/60 Hz 100V/60 Hz

Thermal control: fixed Thermostat at 98°

Tank capacity: 1 litre (Pet bottle)

Dimensions: (w x d x H) mm 140 x 330 x 300

Weight: 5.35 kg

Functions: 1 Coffee

Colors: red-white-grey-brown-green-Gray Metallic-Purple

CompatibilitàEse 44mm
Lancia VaporeNo

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