Coffee machine Spinel LOLITA Cappuccino Maker Elite

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a coffee machine that will enable you to make a coffee like the one in the bar at home.

Equipped with brass coffee heat exchanger with fixed 98 ° C thermostat, brass steam heat exchanger, upper brass pod holder

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€ 586,07

The new design, modern, ergonomic and attractive, makes this gem of Italian technology the ideal machine for the Office and home environment
The uniqueness of its lines and the softness of its forms make it an excellence in the world of coffee pod machines. 
Due to its versatility and ease of use, you can enjoy anywhere, in seconds, a coffee as good as at the bar
The innovative canister allows topping up water without their mining and at the same time the check filling level easy. 
The Patented Self-cleaning hydraulic system guarantees the Elimination of all problems related to the limestone formation in the BREW group.  
The central locking system and compression gives great stability ensures optimal compaction of the pod and therefore better coffee infusion.
Available in coffee, coffee and steam, coffee and hot water, a request can be enriched with numerous accessories that enhance its uniqueness. 
Coffee and steam version has two separate groups that operate independently and can be switched off when not in use, resulting in significant energy savings.
The version 24V Coffee is ideal for buses, boats, caravans, caravans.



Nominal power

BREW group 600W-800W-laden steam group 1400W

Power supply

230 v/50 Hz-60 Hz 115V/-100V/60 Hz-24V

Thermal control

fixed thermostat at 98°

Tank capacity

2.0 liter


(Wxdxh) mm 202x320x360/395 (Gallery)


coffee/7.7 Kg
coffee + steam/9.6 Kg
coffee + hot water/7.8 Kg



Gallery for Cups
Thanks to which it will be possible to have the machine some coffee cups always have on hand.
Cappuccino maker
replacing the steam nozzle, is ideal for those who want to make a great cappuccino so easy without being an expert bartender. 
Easy sanitizing system to keep clean the steam nozzle after use. 
Is mounted on the steam wand to get a great cappuccino. 
easy to program, allows you to adjust and save the desired amount of coffee that will be delivered automatically in two different doses: coffee, small coffee.
Impulse Counter
allows an immediate check of the number of coffees the machine has dispensed until then, using a small analog meter to 5 digits.
Credit Coffee System
allows a control of the jokes at the client and the machine stop when reaching the preset number of disbursements.

CompatibilitàEse 44mm
Lancia VaporeSi

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